About Boost

Boost Human External Cargo Systems is a North Vancouver, BC-based company, founded to provide rescue and industry teams with the most advanced, fully certified, safe and reliable Human External Cargo (HEC) System.

Why Boost?

In October 2012 all long-line rescue operations in Canada were suspended over equipment issues. This left Search and Rescue teams without any options for long-line rescues for a period of time.  Inspiration enough!

We’re motivated by the clear need to advance the safety, capacity and technology of the equipment used by rescue and industry teams and have spent the last three years designing and testing certified equipment that will be a game changer for fixed line operations. We're committed to supporting the teams that use our system with solid training and customer service.

Our mission is to improve HECs kits or helicopter rescue equipment used by rescue and industry teams. 

Jeff Yarnold is a member of the executive of North Shore Rescue (NSR). He has over 10 years experience with NSR, is the equipment officer for the team and holds Class D HEC helicopter rescue certification. Jeff is an avid back-country skier, climber, cyclist and kayaker.

Derek Thomas is a Transport Canada Accredited Check Pilot (ACP) and a Training Captain for Canadian North Airlines with 25 years experience and over 15,000 hours of flying time.  He is a member of North Shore Rescue and an avid kayaker, back-country skier and cyclist.

Karen Berkhout is a Communications and Marketing professional with over 20 years experience in local, national and international communications and marketing. She volunteers for North Shore Rescue and enjoys the back-country on both skis and a bike.

Boost Systems is supported by a number of professionals including a Transport Canada certified Design Approval Representative (DAR) and design engineer, helicopter operators/pilots with exceptional longline rescue expertise.