The Evolution of Helicopter Rescue Equipment

Boost Human External Cargo Systems has designed a dual hook system that has improved the safety and efficiency of industry and rescue HEC operations.  The complete system:

  • accommodates up to 1,100 lbs (500kg)
  • has Transport Canada and FAA certification (Bell 407 FAA STC pending)
  • is controlled by the pilot
  • is equipped with primary hydraulic and back-up electrical release devices
  • includes attachment provisions for a quick-release hook assembly
  • makes the spotter position optional
  • has cargo hooks mounted externally
  • makes door removal optional
  • does not require a belly band

HEC System Details

Boost’s HEC hook system can transport more people, with more flexibility, saving time and cutting costs. The design provides a clear advantage in time-compressed calls, remote locations, and extreme weather.

The HEC fixed line Kit includes:

  • Fixed Parts
  • Quick-Release Hook Assembly including an Onboard Systems hook
  • Long-line System
  • Carrying Devices

The system hook can transport five or more people at a time, with a maximum cargo of 1,100 pounds. As each rope assembly, bolt, buckle, shackle, ring, piece of webbing and carabiner is individually certified there is no question about the safety and integrity of the kit components.

Boosts' HEC system can be used with a minimum crew of one pilot and one rescuer technician.

The Quick-Release Hook Assembly installs in the field in minutes. As the HEC hook assembly can remain on the helicopter through refueling and positioning flights, teams are able to maximize helicopter time and better manage costs.

Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate - SH 15-39. 

Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate SRO3681NY