North Shore Rescue adopts Boost Systems’ new Class D         fixed-line rescue kits

BC-made dual-hook system is Transport Canada-certified and first-of-its-kind for light helicopters


March 8, 2016, North Vancouver, BC – A two-day North Shore Rescue training exercise this weekend marked the launch of Boost Human External Cargo Systems’ dual-hook fixed line helicopter rescue system.

The need to advance the safety, capacity and technology of rescue equipment used by search and rescue (SAR), and industry teams was clear; the technology had not changed in over twenty years.  Boost tapped into a wealth of experience in SAR, helicopter operations and aviation engineering and invested three years of R&D and testing in order to change the scope and capacity of teams undertaking long line rescue activities.

“This equipment brings a radical change to our longline rescue program. It will speed up our response and allow us to double the number of people we can evacuate at one time,” says Mike Danks, Team Leader, North Shore Rescue. “The advance in technology and safety is welcome and long overdue.”

Certified for AS350 and AS355 Helicopters, Boost employs hydraulic and electrical components to put control of the system into the pilot’s hands and allow the Human External Cargo (HEC) hook assembly to remain on the helicopter through refueling and positioning flights. This helps to maximize helicopter time and better manage costs.

“Boost Systems is reducing the risk and exposure of Class D work and is changing helicopter rescue for the better,” says Peter Murray, Owner, Talon Helicopters. “This cutting-edge installation allows for the doors to be left on the aircraft and gives the pilot full control over both hooks allowing them to better handle emergencies, and making the spotter position optional.” 

 “Our ability to quickly evacuate those who are lost or injured or to place more rescue technicians at the same time is most significant when working in steep terrain and difficult locations,” says Jeff Yarnold, Vice President, Operations for Boost Systems. “This means fewer trips and potentially, more lives saved.”

The training exercise served to certify North Shore Rescue’s helicopter rescue team on the new equipment and place the systems in service going forward. Boost Systems has Human External Cargo (HEC) systems for other helicopter types also under development.

About Boost

Boost Human External Cargo Systems Inc. is a North Vancouver-based company, founded to provide rescue and industry teams with the safest, most advanced, fully certified Class D Human External Cargo Transport System (HEC or HETS) and training in Canada.


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