Double the Capacity, Greater Safety

Boost Human External Cargo Systems has designed a dual hook system that has improved the safety and efficiency of industry and rescue HEC operations. 

  • Installed in minutes, the system accommodates up to 1,320 lbs (approx 600kg)
  • Fully certified by Transport Canada and the FAA
  • Suitable for all utility and rescue operations
  • Can transport up to five people at a time in any configuration
  • Doubles typically available capacity to evacuate or place personnel
  • Saves critical time and reduces exposure of crew
  • Requires a minimum crew of one pilot and one technician (spotter optional)
  • VIH Aerospace authorized AMO
  • PCDS designed to reduce risk of human factors


A Dramatic Shift in Capability  

Boost’s HEC hook system can transport more people, with more flexibility, saving time and cutting costs. The quick-release hook assembly installs in the field in minutes and can remain on the helicopter through refueling and positioning flights, allowing teams to maximize helicopter time and gain efficiency. The system:

  • Is fully compliant with the FAA's recent AC133-1B and 27.865 requirements
  • Is controlled by the pilot
  • Makes spotter and door removal optional (no belly-band)
  • Primary and back-up releases are DAD (dual activation devices)
  • Primary release on the cyclic
  • Hook installed by elementary task
  • Can be rigged prior to HEC mission
  • Installs in the field in less than a minute
  • HEC hook assembly can remain on the helicopter, leaving crew available for other work

The HEC system includes:

  • Fixed Parts
  • Quick-Release HEC Hook
  • Long-line System
  • Carrying Devices